Synthetic Pitch Maintenance

Artificial turf maintenance is mostly about keeping it clean, brushed and disinfected. The most important aspect is brushing it constantly so that the fibres keep a vertical position. As time passes, there may appear bumps on the surface that may lead to accidents during the play if maintenance is not done. It is important that the rubber granules are regularly redistributed so that the surface remains even. How frequently the operations should be done depends on the surface’s level of usage.

Essential maintenance operations for keeping the pitch in optimum conditions:


It keeps the fibres in a vertical position and it evens out the rubber granules on the surface. Skipping this operation or not doing it at all leads to bent fibres which will dramatically diminish the pitch’s quality.


The rubber granules need constant aspiration in order to get rid of any impurities and dust that might deposit. Not only it keeps the playing surface clean, but also impacts the ball’s moving speed in particular and the quality of the game in general.

Disinfection treatments

Moisture cause various bacteria to form at the level of the fibres and the granules. These might carry serious health risks for the players and might lead to infections.


As time passes and the pitch is played on, compactation is inevitable. As a result, the surface hardens increases and the crampons’ adherence is affected, also causing high risk of injuries.

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