Synthetic Pitch Construction


Most important features of synthetic pitches:

  • High level of durability despite bad weather conditions
  • Suitable for playing up to the most extreme temperatures and precipitations.
  • Cost effective maintenance


Sportsfields team has specialized in artificial pitch construction. What you need to know about this type of playing surface is that it needs special maintenance so that it keeps its good condition for a longer time.

Stages of Artificial Pitch Construction

1. Removing surface layer

The existing substrate is removed and replaced with another that guarantees good water drainage.

2. Drainage system construction

Helps eliminating water excess at the surface and keeps it dry. Not having a drainage system may lead to cancelling sporting events when the weather is unfavourable.

3.Irrigation system construction

Especially in the summertime, when the ground temperatures exceed the bearable limits, it is vital to have an irrigation system that ensures a safe and enjoyable playing/training surface.

4. Infrastructure and levelling

The synthetic pitch infrastructure is based on the use of a crushed stone layer, at the end of which a levelling takes place with the help of a laser grader.

5. Installing the shock pad

The shock pad is a cushioning layer that can be installed under the synthetic turf carpet to provide players with more safety. It can be found in a variety of thicknesses, materials and shapes. We are at your disposal to recommend the best solution for your pitch.

6. Laying The Carpet

It consists in laying the carpet of synthetic turf, performing the glueing and the cutting of the lines. Everything is done carefully and accurately for the best result. We offer a wide range of synthetic carpets for football fields, both for professional ones with Fifa Quality and Fifa Quality Pro certifications, as well as for recreational ones.

7. Installing the infill

The infill has to be evenly spread on the playing surface. This procedure is entirely mechanized. For football pitches, the infill features one layer of granules over one layer of sand. We use top-quality no impurities SBR granules.

8. Installing the accessories

Installing the additional accessories depending on the type of sport the pitch will serve for.

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