Sports Fields

We’ve been operating in the sports field industry since the early 2000s. For the last 20 years, we’ve been working hard and improving both our knowledge and technology. Now we’ve come to be among the leading companies that specialize in constructing and maintaining sports fields in Romania.

We put great emphasis on quality, aiming to get the best final results and satisfied clients. We’ve turned performance into a goal, for which we’ve dedicated years of practice and learning. We do our best keeping up with the pace at which the industry is growing, and that is why every year, our team attends groundsmen congresses on the biggest European stadiums.

Sports Fields Experience

UEFA Europa League Final 2012

Our portfolio includes a lot of high-profile projects. We constructed and maintained sports fields that are both highly-functional and safe for the players.

Sportsfields, under the guidance of S.T.R.I (Sports Turf Research Institute) from the United Kingdom, participated at the replacement of the substrate and the playing surface on the National Arena, prior to the UEFA Europa League Final 2012.

Natural pitches

We offer natural pitches construction services. In this segment we find:

Drainage System Construction

Heating System Construction

Irrigation System Construction

Preparing and Levelling the Substrate

Turf Seeding/ Installation of special sport turf rolls

Key Aspects

Without maintenance, a well-constructed pitch does not guarantee an optimal playing surface. Maintenance is essential in order to have an optimal playing surface. This includes preventing diseases and pests, fulfilling the nutritional needs and performing specific mechanical operations.

The pitches that feature a turf that’s worn-out will most likely need renovation. This means that the surface layer will be thoroughly removed, the substrate will be improved and levelled and in the end a new turf will be installed, either by seeding or roll laying.

Artificial Pitches

Artificial pitches

The increasing demand of artificial pitches is due to their high durability and lower maintenance. We provide integrated services of artificial pitch construction and maintenance.


We provide construction for pitches that can be approved for official sports competitions as well as for recreational purposes. For the performance of a football field, it is suitable to use a carpet with fibres with a height between 40-60 mm below which a shock-pad can be mounted for extra-cushioning. Carpet we use meets FIFA Quality and FIFA Quality Pro standards.


For the construction of a multisport field, a carpet with a height of 10-24mm will be used. The desired marking will be performed depending on the sports to be played on it. It is one of the most appreciated surfaces being suitable for: football, tennis, volleyball, hockey, basketball.

Artificial pitches are used for both leisure and official matches. They support a much more intense use than the fields with natural grass. Even if these pitches are made of artificial fibers, monthly maintenance is required to have an optimal surface. Poor maintenance will result in to the degradation of the synthetic turf fibers.  Consequently, the quality of the surface decreases, as well as the quality of the game.

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