Natural Sports Fields

Sports fields with natural grass

The recipe for the success of a field with natural grass is to design the correct infrastructure from the project stage. Realizing a good infrastructure right from the beginning is the most important thing when constructing a natural pitch. The pitch has to meet the standards of safety and functionality either for the official games and training sessions. Choosing quality over anything else saves more money in the long run by preventing the occurrence of issues.

We put great attention into the smallest details in order to make sure the surface faces any challenge. Natural pitches can serve a variety of sports. It’s the most appreciated playing surface and the most widely used in official sporting competitions worldwide.

Some of the most important benefits of a natural turf pitch:

Reducing the effect of air pollution;

Minimizing the degree of noise due to absorption, deflection or refraction of various sounds;

It releases more Oxygen, reducing Carbon Dioxide emissions;

It can help improve the physical and mental conditions of the players;

It is one of the ideal ways to ensure sports performance.

In addition, the Sportsfields team uses the highest quality seeds to create a dense, disease-resistant and wear-resistant natural turf with a high regeneration capacity.

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