Natural Pitch Construction

About the construction of natural sports fields

Pitch Infrastructure

The recipe for the success of a field with natural grass is to design the correct infrastructure from the project stage. Realizing a good infrastructure right from the beginning is the most important thing when constructing a natural pitch. The pitch has to meet the standards of safety and functionality either for the official games and training sessions. Choosing quality over anything else saves more money in the long run by preventing the occurrence of issues.

We put great attention into the smallest details in order to make sure the surface faces any challenge. Natural pitches can serve a variety of sports. It’s the most appreciated playing surface and the most widely used in official sporting competitions worldwide.

The construction phases of a natural pitch

1.Removing surface layer

Removing the current substrate and replacing it with another that ensures good water drainage, stability and optimal for the turf development.

2. Drainage system construction

It helps eliminating excess water while still keeping ideal moisture in the substrate. A very high level of moisture favours diseases and eventually compromises the turf. Not having a drainage system on bad weather condition might cause:- Cancelled sporting events- Operational difficulties due to heavy moisture in the substrate- Turf compromising in some areas

3. Irrigation system construction

The irrigation system is essential for the succes of the pitch. Water itself is vital for the turf, a living organism, to grow. Therefore, lack of water results in growth disorders. Summertime is the critical point in the turf’s course of life. During this time, unless the turf gets the amount of water needed, it will suffer and wither.

4. Heating system construction

When the temperatures are low, a heating system is essential. We provide solutions for both options available – electric and thermal agent heating. In order to increase the system’s efficiency, generated heat can be preserved by using a dedicated protective winter cover. This allows the turf to breath and grow properly.

5. Substrate preparation and levelling

The substrate affects directly the turf’s growth. The substrate has a composition of various compounds which have a benefic effect on the drainage and the development of the turf. After the compounds are evenly mixed on all over the pitch, we use a laser grader to realize the inclines of the final playing surface.

6. Seeding the turf / Laying the turf rolls

Installation by laying turf rolls

This option is faster than seeding and is done by modern machinery. A standard measured football pitch can be renovated in no more than 7 days.

Quality turf rolls are crucial to the appearance and functionality of the playing surface.

Turf installation through seeding

This method requires longer time. The pitch will be ready to play in an estimated period of 2-3 months after the seeding. Up until then, proper care and procedures need to be done because the turf will be susceptible to diseases and degradation. On the other hand, the costs are obviously smaller than in the case of roll-laying method.

For domed stadium , the lack of light is a crucial aspect. We provide artificial photosynthesis machines to compensate the lack of natural light.

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