Sports Fields Construction

We offer full range of services done by professionals. We only use advanced technology so that the outcome will exceed even the highest demands.


Maintenance is essential in preserving turf quality through time and usage. We benefit from the best machines and sustained know-how to guarantee the best quality of the pitch.


Sportsfields provides renovation services for pitches that have not been properly maintained.
About us

Since 2000

leading turf services provider

We’ve been operating in the sports field industry since the early 2000s. For the last 20 years, we’ve been working hard and improving both our knowledge and our technology. Now we’ve come to be among the leading companies that are specialized in constructing and maintaining sports fields in Romania.

Our experience helped us building fruitful partnerships with the most valued providers of turf equipment and products.

We put great emphasis on quality, aiming to get the best final results and satisfied clients. We’ve turned performance into a goal, for which we’ve dedicated years of practice and learning. We do our best keeping up with the pace at which the industry is growing, and that is why every year, our team attends groundsmen congresses on the biggest European stadiums.

About us

Sports Fields

20 years of experience

With a vast experience of over 20 years in the industry, we’ve proudly lead and finished a lot of important projects. Since the very beginning, quality has been our main concern and mean of publicity, annually reinvesting in high-performance equipment.

Starting with the purpose of the pitch, the level of usage and the sport that’s meant to be played on it, we provide consultancy  regarding what type of pitch fits the best the expectations so that it will be the perfect playing surface.


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