Pitch Construction

We offer constructions for sports fields with natural or artificial grass

We offer integrated construction services for natural and artificial surfaces. No matter the type of field, we offer superior strategies so that the construction is well and efficiently done. The cost and the duration of procedure vary from artificial to natural turf.

Most important phases in the construction of sports fields

Construction is the most high-profile procedure we offer, and the most time-consuming as well. We proudly use only advanced machinery so that the outcome will exceed even the highest demands.

We want to keep open and transparent about the construction of a sports pitch so we are presenting the fundamental phases of this procedure. These are the steps that shouldn’t be skipped, regardless of the type of turf chosen.

Removing surface layer – in this phase the substrate is removed and is replaced with another that ensures right further infrastructure for each type of pitch – natural or artificial.

Drainage system construction – so that the excess of water from the surface is eliminated and the pitch can be used on bad weather conditions.

Irrigation system construction – mandatory for natural pitches, optional for artificial ones.

Preparing the substrate and levelling the surface – for both natural and artificial pitches.

Turf Installation – it can be made either by seeding or roll laying.

Other aspects – based on the particularities of the turf used and the environment (domed stadium/outdoor pitch)
The infrastructure differs also depending on the surface of the pitch, our services being divided into:

Artificial Pitch Construction

Sportsfields team has specialized in artificial pitch construction. What you need to know about this type of playing surface is that it needs special maintenance so that it keeps its good condition for a longer time.

Natural Pitch Construction

Realizing a good infrastructure right from the beginning is the most important thing when constructing a natural pitch. The pitch has to meet the standards of safety and functionality either for the official games and training sessions. 

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