Artificial turf for football pitches has to meet the specific criteria this sport requires. We recommend a 50 to 60 mm thick carpet. If a shock-pad is going to be installed as well, the carpet can even be 40 mm thick. Rubber granules and  sand infill will be spread evenly over the carpet for extra-cushioning.

Sportsfields team provides high-quality artificial turf carpets for both leisure and official matches.

Artificial fotball pitch construction

Our company provides integrated services for artificial pitches construction. The carpet will be chosen depending on the purpose and demands for the field. The density, the height and the thickness of the fibers are essential specifications that should be taken into account when deciding on the construction or arrangement of a synthetic sports field.

To meet the needs of all customers we have a wide variety of carpets, both for smaller budgets as well as artificial turf accredited by FIFA Quality and FIFA Quality Pro.

# Field dimensions Touch line (meters) Goal line (meters)
1 Minimum  90    45
2 Up to 120    90

Thus, we can conclude that for a football field of standard size for some competitions of 11 vs. 11 players, we need a pitch with a minimum average area of: 7,000 m2 or 70 ares.

In addition to the dimensions of a standard field, there is also the well-known: Mini-football, which has much smaller dimensions for a smaller number of players. Thus, many of the specialists in this field recommend the following measures:

# Number of players Minimum size (meters) Maximum size (meters)
1 5 vs. 5  20 x40    25 x 45
2 6 vs. 6 25 x 45    30 x 50
3 7 vs. 7 30 x 50 35 x 55
4 8 vs. 8 35 x 55 40 x 60

In the case of mini football fields, we are talking about much smaller areas, that is, averaging between 1,500 m2 or 15 ares and 2000 m2 or 20 ares.

The advantages of a synthetic football field

The main advantages we offer for those who resort to this procedure are:

Low maintenance costs;

It is more resistant to frequent and repeated uses, maintaining its appearance even after a long period of time;

The possibility of being used in unfavorable weather conditions, without the danger of degradation

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