Artificial Sports Fields

Sportsfields team has specialized in artificial pitch construction. What is important to know about this type of playing surfaces is that it needs special maintenance so that it keeps its good condition.

Some of the most important features of this type of pitch are:

A high degree of durability ;

Resistens at extreme conditions of temperatures and precipitation;

Advantageous maintenance costs;
FIFA Quality & FIFA Quality Pro

It should also be mentioned that a synthetic pitch should be chosen according to the sport to be practiced, so that its characteristics are specially adapted to meet the requirements. The density, the height and the thickness of the fibers are essential specifications that should be taken into account when deciding on the construction of a synthetic sports field.

To meet the needs of all customers we have a wide variety of carpets, both for smaller budgets as well as artificial turf accredited by FIFA Quality and FIFA Quality Pro.


Artificial turf for football pitches has to meet the specific criteria this sport requires. We recommend a 50 to 60 mm thick carpet. If  a shock-pad is going to be installed  as well, the carpet can even be 40 mm thick. Rubber granules and sand infill will be spread evenly over the carpet .


Choosing a multi-sport field can be one of the most ingenious and profitable investments. This type of pitch is one of the most  widely used, both in terms of sports clubs and educational institutions.

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