About Us

About us

Established in 2000

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We’ve been operating in the sports field industry since the early 2000s. For the last 20 years, we’ve been working hard and improving both our knowledge and our technology. Now we’ve come to be among the leading companies that are specialized in constructing and maintaining sports fields in Romania. Our experience helped us building fruitful partnerships with the most valued providers of turf equipment and products.

Sportsfields, supervised by S.T.R.I (Sports Turf Research Institute) from the United Kingdom, performed the change of substrate and playing surface of the National Arena in order to prepare the pitch for the 2012 UEFA Europe League Final.


Pitch Quality

Turf replacement in a RECORD time

Our company representatives annually participate in international congresses alongside other professionals with whom we exchange latest information regarding technologies, products and issues that appear in this ever-changing sphere of activity. This informational transaction has proved to be incredibly helpful in upgrading our practice and in making our team capable of achieving the best results.

We believe that sports fields in Romania have to meet the quality standards all over EU, and for that we only invest in the best latest equipment. We are among the few companies in Romania that have all the machinery and experience to replace the playing surface in a RECORD time.


Our company offers a complete range of services for sports fields:

  1. consultancy
  2. specialized analyses of soil / foliage
  3. design and construction of natural / artificial / hybrid turf
  4. renovation of hybrid pitch
  5. renovation of natural / artificial pitch
  6. maintenance of natural / artificial / hybrid turf
  7. implementation of the irrigation system
  8. implementation of the drainage system
  9. construction of the heating system (electric / glycol)
  10.  construction of the aeration and fertirrigation system at the grass root level
  11. removing the existing turf
  12. preparation, improvement and leveling of the pitch substrate
  13. laying the turf rolls (big rolls)
  14. providing the photosynthesis system
  15. supply of turf protection cover for winter


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